Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Tale Of Two Wisdoms

Chris preached this week at church.  If you would like to listen to his sermon go to: http://www.sonrisebc.org/Media%20Archives.html

There's also a sermon from July and one from August I never posted.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Emma' Slumber Party

This year for Emma's Birthday I surprised her with a slumber party with her three friends from school she has been missing.  Chris took some youth camping, so it was an all girls weekend.  I was exhausted, but we had a blast...


We played a Squinkies Game that one of the girls gave to Emma for her birthday.  We also played Hide and Seek and Sardines for almost two hours.  One of the times we couldn't find one of the girls forever!  I was trying to figure out how I was going to explain to her mom how I lost her in my own house.

We also decorated pencil boxes and notepads and filled the pencil box with goodies. I have to say that I got the pencil boxes for 5 cents each.  I love good deals.  The girls seemed to enjoy them.

One of the girls had to go home at 10PM, the rest settled down to watched Tinker Bell.  They all slept well and we had Dutch Pancakes (Emma's favorite breakfast) for Breakfast.  

Emma's Birthday celebration lasted awhile since in addition to the slumber party, we took her to Red Robins, had some friends over, and had a extended family party in Oregon.

Note:  Emma does not wear glasses, she just went through a phase of wearing glasses with no lenses.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Oregon/Washington Trip 2011

Our family went to Oregon and Washington this November.  It was chilly, but beautiful with all the autumn colors surrounding us.  Here are some fun moments of our trip....

The girls and I met my friend from high school, Shanna, and her four kids at the park.  It was a beautiful day.

My friend Jessica and her kids (Hannah is in this picture with the girls) were able to spend the afternoon with us on the day Hannah had piano lessons from my dad.

Emma always looks forward to seeing her friend Kate when we visit Oregon.  Kate got to have dinner with us at Grammy's house.  Emma and Madi also had fun attending AWANA with some of their friends.

My friend, Jackie's daughter, Sabina and Madi reading a book.

Emma and Chris (not my Chris, but Nicole's Chris) playing Phase 10.

We were able to stop in Portland to visit my friends, Jackie and Nicole and their families for lunch.  We had a wonderful time catching up, unfortunaltly we couldn't stay longer.
Jackie and her daughter, Sabina (Jaun had to work).

We were able to make another stop in Washington, visiting our friends (Aaron, Stephanie, Ellie, and Brady).  They blessed us with a wonderful dinner.  The kids had a blast playing while the adults chatted away.

My friend, Sandy and her husband Bryan opened their cottage to us to stay while visiting with my brother and family.  Emma and I were able to attend Sandy's baby shower.  Sandy had her baby at 30 weeks; I was able to go with Bryan and Sandy to the hospital to meet their adorable baby, Sydney.  Sydney is doing great, continuing to grow.


The girls helping Grandma bake cookies.

Aunt Debra and Madi

Playing Rumi (Debra, Me, Lance's hands, and Madi's head)

Grammy and Emma

Grampy and Madi

Debra bought these cute hats for the girls.  The girls love wearing them.

Didn't get pictures of everyone on the trip, but got some pictures of the dogs.  So funny.  The girls looooved playing with Opie (above) and Mekia (below).

Emma and her cousin, Samuel (2 months old)

More Samuel pictures...

Emma and Madi had fun playing with their cousin, Alice.  

Darryl and Samuel playing Dominos, watch out for Darryl, he cheats (smile).

Madi and Alice looking at a book Alice got for her early Christmas present from Emma.