Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Grandpa's Funeral

August 3rd, we drove down to Tucson, Arizona for my Grandpa's (my mom's dad) funeral. The service was on Thursday the 5th. It was a very hot day. It was well over 100 degrees that morning, while we were at the grave site. It was good to see family and friends. Here are some pics from that day....

Pictures of Grandpa we used for the memorial.

Madi snuggled up to Grandma right before the memorial started. She stayed right by her the whole service.
You can see Emma and my mom behind them.

Chris officiated both the memorial and the grave site. My dad and Chris sang "What a Day" during the memorial service.

The grandchildren and great grandchildren put white roses on the coffin. When my cousin Jessie (left) went up with Reese (her daughter, on Emma's lap), Reese refused to put her rose down. Of course she didn't understand why everyone was giving away perfectly good roses. It was cute.

Emma putting her rose on. You can see me taking pictures in the background along with Rusty (my brother) and Chris beside Emma.

Madi putting on her rose. Boy, my tears are ready to flow as I am looking at these pictures. These pictures bring me right back to that day.

My cousin Michelle with two of her three children.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Day Of School

After just getting back from visiting family and friends in Oregon we had one day to gear up for school.

Today Madi started 2nd grade. When I asked Madi what her favorite part of her day was, she said, "making a new friend."

Today Emma started 4th grade. She said her favorite part of today was playing BINGO in class.

Comming soon will be pictures from our trip to Arizona [for my grandpa's funneral] and trip to Oregon.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Yesterday we started making plans to go to Arizona to visit Grandpa Cady who was ill (see post "News" on July 27, 2010). I had called Grandpa Brackett and Aunt Beth making arrangements to visit this Wednesday through Saturday. Tried calling Grandma Cady twenty times to make arrangements with her as well, but it was busy every time.
My phone wasn't working last night (was using our cell phone yesterday), so this morning when I fixed our phone, I noticed that Mom had tried calling last night and this morning. Grandpa died last night. I am mad. Not at anyone, but mad I didn't get to see him. Mad I didn't get to say "I love you one more time." Mad he didn't get to see us and know we were there for him. Mad that it has been two years since Chris and the girls saw him (I saw him in October, see post "Trip to Arizona" November 14th, 2009). We are still traveling down, but not for the reason I wanted. I know God is in control.
About four years ago, Grandma Brackett had days left so we decided to go down and see her. We were going to travel with my parents. The morning we were leaving, Dad walked in and told me she had passed that night. We missed her by two days.

Thank you for your prayers.