Saturday, February 23, 2013

First Place

This morning while it was storming outside the girls were warm inside sharing the knowledge of what they have memorized in AWANA this year.  There were no paddles or individuals doing their job to help out their team this year in Bible Quiz.  It was all one answer as a team using a buzzer.  This was a lot more nerve racking for the clubbers as well as the parents or at least the Thompson family.  My stomach was in a knot.  When Madi's book level went up on the stage for the first speed round, Chris said that he might have to leave (just like when the Ducks play as he gets stressed).  I looked in his eyes and sweetly, but firmly, said you need to stay, they won't understand.  Then he said jokingly he could maybe lay down.  Then I said they need to see their dad's face with a proud smile on it.  We both laughed and then proudly watched our daughters rock it! 
There was also a written test, but it was sent in ahead of time and was more knowledge of applying what they have learned on a personal level.  Both Emma's and Madi's team got 100% on the written part.  


Madi's team (same members as last year) missed 2 out of 15 on the multiple choice (on one of the questions they got wrong, every single team got it wrong and it was challenged, but stood, so we can say they got 13 out of 14, right?). 
Then on the speed round they got every single question right and quizzed out (meaning that they can only answer 3 questions right and then are out so other teams have a chance).   The results were the same as last year...... they won 1st place out of six teams. 

Great job!!!!


 Emma's team (same as last year) missed one 1 out of 15 on the multiple choice (the other team they were competing against got that same one wrong as well, so I can say 14 out of 14, right?). 

During the speed round, Emma's team also, got all their answers correct and quizzed out.  You could tell Emma was nervous standing up and saying the answer, but she quoted the scripture correctly.  As they walked off the stage, Emma looked at me.  I congratulated her and said, "breath," she then let out a huge sigh of relief... she was done.

A repeat for the Pastor Kids as they got 1st place out of two teams.  I know what you are thinking.  That's not as impressive, since there were only two teams.  I will say they had the highest score out of 21 teams. I'm a proud mom.  Great job!!!! 

Sunday, February 10, 2013


I am so proud of the girls as they made two items in sewing class.  I still need to post their first project.  They just finished their last class on Friday.  Emma is sad as sewing is her favorite for co-op.  Madi not so much, but she likes her bag she made.  She wants to give it to her best friend, but I selfishly said that it is her first project and I would like her to keep it.  I told her that we could make another one for her friend.  Her eyes got big saying to me that she would not enjoy that. 
I didn't have to help Emma much as she has had sewing taught to her before by Ms. Jennifer and Grammy.  Emma on is ready for another sewing project.  I am thinking that when we go to Oregon in March, Grammy can find a project for her to work on.  

Madi and I working on finishing Madi's bag


Madi sewing her bag


Emma's bag

Madi's bag
Emma took pictures during class and then when I wanted to take her picture she was already down the hall getting her Valentine's box full of goodies.