Monday, December 28, 2009

Museum of Ancient Life

Madi chose The Museum of Ancient Life for her birthday trip. We had a fun time exploring the museum and learning where they found certain fossils and reading on how many fossils they found for some of the dinosaurs to construct them. For the Supersaurus, they found a shoulder blade, pelvis, several dorsal vertebrae and some of the tail... boom you get a huge dinosaur with a tiny head and a super long tail. The girls learned how much the paleontologists have to theorize on what these awesome creatures looked like.
My favorite time was standing in front of a bunch of skeleton heads guessing what skull goes to what animal picture. After you guess, you lift the picture of the animal and see what skull it was. We all jumped in with guesses. Another fun game that Emma and I played was look at three different pictures of fossils, then put your hand in a cubbie to feel one of the three and guess which one it is. The best part of the whole trip was spending time together away from the business of life.

T Rex is one of the most complete dinosaurs in the amount of fossil parts found. They have found 40 almost complete skeletons.

The girls sporting their 3D glasses at the 6-story XanGo (TM) Mammoth Screen. During the Christmas Special the girls took their glasses on and off (about 30 minutes) and I screamed and ducked both times a snowball went flying towards me. Good thing we didn't see the dinosaur movie.

The dinosaur tail to the left is part of the Supersaurus I was talking about above. Where the man in black is standing, is the pelvis of the Supersaurus.

A huge fossil of a fish. That's my guess... I don't remember, but it's cool looking, isn't it?

Sunday, December 27, 2009

"All I Want For Christmas"

Our church put on a children's musical (All I Want For Christmas by Dennis and Nan Allen) the weekend before Christmas. It was about a girl finding out the true meaning of Christmas with help from toys. Emma was a cowgirl and had two lines. Madi was a galaxy figure and had one line. They have been practicing hard since September 13th, but have enjoyed it greatly. The girls invited their teachers and two of our neighbors. One of the neighbors whole family came. When the girls came out and saw them sitting next to me they had grins from ear to ear. I pray that this musical touched lives for Christ.

Samantha and Emma

Lydia, Madi, and Katie before they got their glow rings on.

The cast and director praying for the evening.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

My prayer is that we all remember that it's not all about us, but about Jesus Christ. He is the reason we share with others. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas celebrating our Savior's birth.

Our first Christmas away from family was a quiet one, but still were able to sit and chat over the web cam. This evening we enjoyed fellowship with the Basshams.

Christmas With The McKinley's

The girls decorated Grammy's and Grampy's Christmas tree. There's just something with kids and decorating Christmas trees: they love it. They got to decorate both grandparents trees and ours this year.

The girls drew a bunch of pictures and with Grammy's permission, wrapped them all. They had so much fun. Poor Grammy had no more wrapping paper, but she did have priceless artwork.

Emma showing me her Littlest Pet Shop sporting her vest from Aunt Debra.

I made an Aunt brag picture book for Debra. By the tears I saw, I am safe to say, she loved it.

Christmas Parade

Yes, I am still writing about our visit to Oregon. Every year the girls and I go to the Christmas Parade in Springfield, Oregon. Even though we live 15 hours away now, we still can say we haven't missed a year (Chris hasn't been to many, because he worked on Saturdays).

Debra took this picture right before the parade started.

Twin Rivers Baptist Church is the church my parents and Chris' Mom goes to. I attended there for 19 years (Chris 7yrs.). Another fact about Twin Rivers would be our Senior Pastor's Dad is currently the Senior Pastor.

This is part of Thurston High School's marching band (THS is where Chris and I attended high school). For those who know Kenzie, she is right below the McDonald's arch.

As you could see in the first picture, Madi doesn't like the loud sounds of some of the fire trucks and such, but she loves the horses.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, Madi

While we were in Oregon, Madi turned seven. You heard it right, my baby is seven. Madi enjoyed Grampy, Grammy, Aunt Debra, Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Rusty, Uncle Darryl, Cousin Alice, Mommy, Daddy, and Emma celebrating her birthday with her.

Auntie Anne wishing Madi a happy birthday.

Cute As Pie

I really don't need to say anything for these pictures; they speak for themselves. The girls love Alice (cousin) and miss her bunches. They got some good Alice time while we were in Oregon.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Visit With Friends and Family

We had a wonderful time visiting with friends and family. Unfortunately I was unable to capture (with an camera) every visit. I had coffee with Jennifer. We had lunch with Chris' sister Lacey. Chris had coffee with Pastor Gary. The girls and I visited our friends at our former school. We visited our church families both Sundays. The girls went to their former AWANA. We had lunch with Pastor Doug and Gay.

We had a wonderful time and yummy dinner with Aaron, Stephanie, Ellie and Brady.

We visited our neighbors, Wayne and Roberta. They feed us cookies and ice cream.

The girls, Dad, and I meet Laurel, Kate, Olivia and Brenna at Chuck E Cheese. We meet at 9AM and had the whole place to ourselves (except for one family of four came in near the end of our visit) for about 2 hours. To end our time, we stuffed ourselves at Home Town.

We miss all of you so much and can't wait to come back and visit.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pizza With the Baynes Family

Years ago, the Baynes would go out to pizza with us on Sunday nights, after evening church. It has been years since we got both families together with almost everyone (we were missing my sister-n-law, Anne). It was perfect to meet at the pizza parlor on Sunday night. Elizabeth, Jamie and Emily are like sisters to me. It is fun to catch up with them, if only for a few hours. Unfortunately I didn't get many pictures. I captured Emma and Elizabeth's daughter Eva and Madi with Elizabeth's husband Tanner.

Christmas With The Brackett's

While Alice was sleeping we played Mexican Train Dominoes. It's nice to have a game that all ages enjoy playing.

We celebrated Christmas with my family the first Saturday we were in Oregon.

Christmas With The Brackett's

Grandma and Grandpa gave the girls "American Girls" (really not, but they were way cheaper). As you can see they love their dolls. Emma named hers Emily and Madi named hers Madelin.

Anne and Darryl traveled to Spain this fall and bought all three girls dresses. They enjoyed dancing around the living room.

Chris and Mom opening presents

Rusty loving his shirts


During the holidays, my high school friends (met in middle school), Jackie, Christy, and Nicole and I try to get together at least once. It doesn't always work, because although our parents still live in the area, none of us do. I was so blessed with a couple hours with them. Thanks Nicole's parents for opening your home and the yummy goodies.

Me & my family, Jackie with her husband Jaun & daughter Sabina, Christy, and Nicole & Chris

The girls were excited to open their first Christmas presents of the year.

I got to meet beautiful Sabina; what a cutie.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thanksgiving With The Brackett's

Our feast

My Mom is the best cook. Don't argue with me, she is.

Emma agrees (smile).

All three girls love to color. Here's a moment captured while Emma and Alice busily created master pieces. Alice reminded me of when Madi would color on Emma's paper when she was younger, as Alice did it a couple of times. I don't think Emma thought it as cute as I did.

Thanksgiving With The Brackett's

Emma and Alice watching the Thanksgiving Parade.

Grandpa reading to Emma and Alice.

Chris, Madi and my brother, Darryl hanging out in the computer room.

Grandma playing Candyland with Madi and Alice. As you can see, Alice likes the cards.