Saturday, July 23, 2011

5-Day Club

About 120 CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship) workers came to Salt Lake City to share the Good News of what Jesus did for us.  They partnered up with 29 churches and did over 80 5-Day Clubs.  Our church was involved with three parks.  We had 11 children except Christ as their personal Savior!

I had to share these last two pictures.  A boy that wanted to join the club had two puppies and asked if we could watch them for him.  Of course.  The girls did for awhile and then I and other workers helped out.  The boy came back the next day, but thankfully didn't bring the puppies, because as you can see they are a distraction because of their cuteness.

Day Camping

It has been years since we went camping.  We don't have the vehicle or the equipment to go.  We have stayed in a cabin when we went to Arches two summers ago, so that sort of counts.  Anyways a couple of weeks ago we were invited to go up to the mountains for a picnic.  We haven't been to the mountains except to go to Park City and Chris and I for our church retreats.  We thought a picnic in the mountains sounded like a great idea.  This place had sites that you could choose and even a Camp Host, but no overnight camping.  What a fun concept.  I think Oregon should have some similar places, especially for non campers that love smores.  We went on a hike, played horshoes, played on the playground, watched the roaring river, ate hot dogs and smores.  Then we were encouraged to leave when a storm started blowing in.  It started raining when we drove onto the road.  That was a close one.

The city is to the left of the picture.

Guess who?

Madi burnt her marshmallow; Chris rescued it and she loved every bite. 

Sunday, July 17, 2011


The girls with their leaders

The girls were invited to a VBS at a church near our neighborhood. It kept them busy all week and they had a blast! On Thursday Emma excitedly told me, when I picked her up, that two girls in their group excepted Christ as their personal Savior!
This week we are participating in a 5 Day Club.  We have over 130 people here from all over the United States sharing the Gospel of Christ.  Our church is hosting three clubs at parks around the neighborhood.  Friends of ours are here from Oregon; we got to visit with them this evening.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Moving Downstairs

We moved the girls into their playroom!  Finally!  We made it before the two year mark that we've been in this house....

This is a picture of the girls (and I not seen) moving the first furniture to our basement.  There was much rejoicing!

And this is were the bookshelf lives.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Cow Appreciation Day

Today is Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-A.  If you dress up like a cow you can get a free sandwich or free meal depending on how much you dress up.  We all dressed up and got meals, totaling over $20.  I can't believe the girls convinced me to dress up.  Thankfully their were others there.  The girls made all the outfits....