Friday, February 18, 2011


If you remember from January, the girls took swimming lessons; Madi didn't pass.  We decided to hire Ms. Lori to teach Madi instead of taking group lessons.  Madi has made improvements and will be ready to enter level 4 with Emma (have to pass level 4 to join swim team).  She enjoys swimming with Ms. Lori.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Good-bye Kiss

Yesterday morning Chris was dropping the girls off at school for choir which starts at 7:30AM.  He was in the drop-off lane and the girls got out of the car.  As Madi was walking she turned and blew her daddy kisses.  Then while turning back around she tripped and face planted on the sidewalk.  Chris brought her home.  We examined her to find out she solely had landed on her face.  There was nothing else that hurt and no scraps except on her left cheekbone to the side of her eye.  It looked like a rug burn on top of a knot.  I gave her ibuprofen  and she iced it while I got ready, then she went off to school.  When I picked her up from school the knot was not noticeable, but the burn was darker.   It still hurt.  It hurt more to smile and to close her eyes.  This morning it looked the same, but seemed to be swollen under her eye and a bit where the burn is.  It hurts the same.  Poor sweet Madi.  The pain she endured to turn to give Daddy a good-bye kiss.

Monday, February 7, 2011


Are you wondering why I titled my post "19"?  I will tell you. Emma answered 19 out of 20 questions correctly at the Regional AWANA T&T Bible Quiz on Saturday!  I am so proud!  She was disappointed she was one away from getting a ribbon for 100%. There were 3 clubbers (out of 60+ clubbers) that received that ribbon.  Emma still is so proud and glad she studied.

Emma and her two teammates ready to start the competition.

Emma got all 10 answers correct on the multiple choice section of the quiz. When she was answering the last question I had tears streaming down my cheeks.  I was emotionally overjoyed.  Of course having your child do something so well is wonderful, but when it's about knowing God's Word, it's even that much more wonderful!
After multiple choice they took the written test where Emma missed one question.  They answer 10 fill in the blank, true or false, and multiple choice questions.  When she was done she told me she was concerned about the one question.


For Book 2, Emma's team finished 2nd out of 5 teams.  Great job!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Office

It will be two years, in March, that Chris has worked at the church and we finally got pictures up in his office.  We also reorganized and cleaned.  It has almost been two weeks and he has kept it clean.  


Another excuse for me to take a picture of the girls.  Most everyone was dressed up in football fan garb at AWANA.  It was fun to see all the different teams represented.  The commander had his neck, face and hair (not much there, but still) all painted.  Thought this was the perfect day to share this picture.  I am sitting on the couch sort of watching the game.  Okay, I'm really blogging, but I'm present.  Not to mention we are currently watching the pre-game stuff.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Swimming Leassons

For the month of January the girls took swimming lessons (level 3) on Saturday mornings.   I finally bought a swim suit that fits Emma (she is very happy about that) and new goggles (for both girls).  Emma passed this class, but Madi still needs to work on some skills.  They both loved their instructor.

After I took a sister picture, they insisted I take a picture with their goggles on.

Emma practicing her stroke.
Emma waiting for others to  swim over to her.

For some reason Madi puts her head forward instead of the side.
This is a recently new bad habit.  

Emma practicing a dive.

Madi going down the slide.
Madi always looks forward to the last day of swim lessons.  She loves the slide!

Emma, Katie (the girls intructor), Madi