Thursday, February 3, 2011

Swimming Leassons

For the month of January the girls took swimming lessons (level 3) on Saturday mornings.   I finally bought a swim suit that fits Emma (she is very happy about that) and new goggles (for both girls).  Emma passed this class, but Madi still needs to work on some skills.  They both loved their instructor.

After I took a sister picture, they insisted I take a picture with their goggles on.

Emma practicing her stroke.
Emma waiting for others to  swim over to her.

For some reason Madi puts her head forward instead of the side.
This is a recently new bad habit.  

Emma practicing a dive.

Madi going down the slide.
Madi always looks forward to the last day of swim lessons.  She loves the slide!

Emma, Katie (the girls intructor), Madi

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Anonymous said...

How fun. I miss the girls