Thursday, February 10, 2011

Good-bye Kiss

Yesterday morning Chris was dropping the girls off at school for choir which starts at 7:30AM.  He was in the drop-off lane and the girls got out of the car.  As Madi was walking she turned and blew her daddy kisses.  Then while turning back around she tripped and face planted on the sidewalk.  Chris brought her home.  We examined her to find out she solely had landed on her face.  There was nothing else that hurt and no scraps except on her left cheekbone to the side of her eye.  It looked like a rug burn on top of a knot.  I gave her ibuprofen  and she iced it while I got ready, then she went off to school.  When I picked her up from school the knot was not noticeable, but the burn was darker.   It still hurt.  It hurt more to smile and to close her eyes.  This morning it looked the same, but seemed to be swollen under her eye and a bit where the burn is.  It hurts the same.  Poor sweet Madi.  The pain she endured to turn to give Daddy a good-bye kiss.

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Christy said...

poor little thing. I hope it heals fast