Thursday, April 25, 2013

Twenty-seven Degrees

Late March we were told that Emma has scoliosis.  That was a loooong afternoon as I had to get groceries for my brother, niece, and nephew that were coming to visit that evening.  I couldn't call Chris without crying; this was not expected news as we had no idea.  I didn't want Emma to see me upset as she didn't really know what scoliosis is.  I did text my friend, which made me feel better.  Five hours later I was able to fall into my husbands arms.  

Chris and I were in disbelief as Emma's back changed so quickly.  We were finally able to see an orthopedic on Tuesday.  After the doctor examined nervous Emma he sent in an x-ray technician to take Emma down for x-rays.  When this giant young man walked in (the x-ray technician), nervous Emma looked right at me with her eyes saying I need you to come with me.  As we followed him down the hall, my nervous daughter reached for my hand.  I wish I could take her place.  

While in the x-ray room, I stayed near the office box so I could stay out of the way; I also had to step into the office box for protection during the x-rays.  I was watching them scan the x-rays to the computer.  An x-ray popped on the screen.  Even though I know what scoliosis is, I couldn't believe that was Emma's spine.

Later, when the girls were in bed, Chris and I were able to talk about the x-ray and all  the emotions that parents face when we can't reach into the situation and fix it.

We will see the doctor in 6 months, unless she has another growth spurt, to see if the 27 degree curve increases.  They usually don't do surgery until 40 degrees.  

This road of scoliosis is uncertain, but I do know that our Lord is in control.  He will be our strength.  

Emma's x-ray of her spine

Sunday, April 21, 2013

More Than An Award

This last Monday after Emma was visiting with a friend, she was excitedly walking beside me to the car and told me that she needed to tell me something in the car.  We all shut our doors and immediately Emma said that she was able to share her faith with her friend.  She said that her friend started to ask her some questions.  One of the questions she asked her was about baptism and what that means.  Emma told me what she said.  As I was driving, I smiled and told her great job, and gave her more ideas on what to share.  At the same time I had tears welling up.  Why?  Because part of what came out of her mouth was truths she memorized in AWANA.  She repeated it constantly in preparation for Bible Quiz.  She knew it so well, it automatically came out of her mouth.  Emma knew what it meant and how to explain it.  I am constantly reminding the girls reasons why we learn/memorize the Bible.  This is defiantly one of them.

I am so proud of Emma and Madi!  These awards they hold in their hands are representing verses memorized to shine their light for Jesus.  

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Frame Cabin

Since my sister-n-law, Debra, was having her wedding ceremony in Florence,Oregon, an hour or so from my in-laws house, my in-laws decided to rent an a frame cabin right down the street from the hotel where the ceremony was.  It was a huge blessing!  

front of the house

loft where Madi and Emma slept

Chris and my room.  My favorite memory of the time spent here was when the girls climbed in bed with me and we watched the ocean from the bed.  Priceless.



view from the living room

living room


trail to get to the beach


Early Saturday morning before we got ready for the wedding, the girls and I headed to the beach for a walk. It was refreshing   Good thing we waited to take our showers.  Apparently we stunk like sea creatures.  


Sunday morning before we left the coast, Hedi, the girls and I went to the beach one last time.  This is the view of Ron and the house from the trail on the top of the dune before we walked down to the beach (see trail pictures above).  

Madi, Grammy, and Emma

Great pics of the girls showing off their shirts that Uncle Lance made for them.  

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Officially Uncle Lance

Last month we were able to travel to Oregon for Chris' sister, Debra and Lance's wedding.  We had a fun time and the girls are so glad to officially call Lance, Uncle Lance.  

 Rehersal Dinner
Beautiful Bride

Getting hair done


Beautiful Flower Gir and Guest Book Attendant

I love this picture of Madi

I think Madi is enjoying holding Aunt Debra's bouquet.


Chris walked his mom, Heidi, down the isle.  He also prayed, but that picture didn't turn out.  Yes, I took pictures during prayer. 

Love Uncle Lance

Chris and his cousin, Michael.  He was the same age Madi is at Debra's wedding, at our wedding.  Although he wasn't the flower girl, he was our ring barier.

Madi trying a crab cake. 

This is a hilarious pciture that Madi will not appreciate that I posted, but I bet it made you smile.

Cousin Stacey

Girls with Grandpa

Madi and Grandma

Mr. and Mrs.
 Chris and his beautiful sister