Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This morning I had a doctors appointment; I took Madi with me and Chris was leaving soon after us with Emma so she could lay on the couch in the lobby at church while he was working.  He carries her downstairs and out the front door and sets her down so she can lean on the post in our walkway (see entry on April 21, 2009 our home).  Within the 20 seconds it takes him to unlock and open the car door the sprinklers spring on scaring Emma so bad she jumps and screams touching her casted leg to the ground; she is not suppose to put any pressure on it.  Chris comes running to get her before her cast gets wet.  Chris then carefully carries her to the car while getting soaked trying not to get Emma's cast wet.  He has to put her in behind the drivers side because of how her leg sits in the car, which of course is on the side where the sprinklers are (see same entry on April 21, 2009).  By the time he got her safely in the car not getting her cast wet, his backside is soaked.  His pants where still wet when he got to work.  

Monday, May 25, 2009

Update on leg and house

Emma is doing well.  She is being a trooper hanging out on the couch.  She does get frustrated at times, but has been enjoying lots of movies.  Thanks to Glen and Linda for lending us their wheelchair; it has been helpful to use as we have gone out a couple of times.  Emma is scared of her crutches, do to a fall she had the first day she used them.  At this time we are not using them, because she is not to put any pressure on her leg.  We don't want to risk it.  So with that said, we would be cooped up in the house without the wheelchair.  Thanks Glen and Linda.

Wednesday through Friday we were putting offers on a house.  Yes, the same day Emma broke her leg.  Friday we found out that they accepted and we are currently under contract.  I didn't think as much as I should have about the house during those three days... now I am processing this big decisions.  Prayers are much appreciated.  This house is way bigger then all the others we have looked at and in a beautiful neighborhood.  It is the same cost (in some cases cheaper) then the other houses we have been looking at.  Why, you ask?  Well, it needs lots of care.  The story is the renter was evicted.  He was angry so he decided to destroy some of the house and leave it a mess.  The major damage is in the basement, where he decided to cut out the electrical outlets and leave holes in the walls with no electricity.  Thinking of all that needs to be done is overwhelming to me.  It is also not as close as I want to be to the church.  On the other hand, I like the floorplan, it is in a beautiful neighborhood,  and we have people that have already offered to help. 

Friday, May 22, 2009

We have a cast

When we arrived at the hospital, Emma was greeted with three visitors (Mike, Carol and Karena) with balloons. What a huge blessing they were to us. They hung out with Madi while Chris and I helped Emma get prepared for "surgery." The time went by so quickly with others to talk to. All the staff was great. They prepared Sparkles (her bear) for surgery as well. She got to be with Emma the whole time. Emma did wonderfully; she held still for the I.V., with few tears. She was most upset with getting wheeled away from Mommy.

When Emma woke up, Sparkles had a pink cast on as well. Emma thought that was cool. The doctor showed us the new x-rays; they looked great. They were able to alien the bone just right. He was pleased with everything. They also found a piece of bone broke off by the ankle bone, but he said it will heal just fine. So she broke it in three spots. I still can't believe it. Anyways, Emma is doing well. She is enjoying the movies Madi picked out at the library. She is taking medicine for the pain, so she is in some pain, but not too bad. The worse part for her is the itching.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Broken Leg

Yes, you read that correctly. Emma broke her leg in two places (on the big bone and small one) about 4 inches above her ankle. When you look at it you can see it bow out. What did she do you ask? She was racing her friend to her class line from recess and she ran into a boy that was walking. They both fell on blacktop.

We took her to urgent care this morning, who put this brace on, then sent us to an Orthopedic doctor this afternoon. The concern is the more severe break (on the bigger bone) is not aligned correctly (hence the bow leg). So she is going in at 7:30 AM tomorrow to have it set and put in a full cast (up to her thigh). They will be knocking her out to do so. She already picked out the hot pink cast. Please pray for the doctor to be able to put the bone back correctly and a peace for her as she has a long road ahead. She has had a long, scary day with all the unknown and it is continueing on tomorrow with the "surgery". She has been very anxious, and of course in pain. She also has been very clingy to Chris. She does not want him out of her sight. You are wondering why? He can carry her and she feels safe in his arms. Me on the other hand has a harder time helping her around and don't even mention our 15 steps up to our townhouse. Chris is working from home tomorrow and having the weekend with us, but then starting Tuesday, it is me only. Please pray for both Emma and I to both feel safe ( I have a bad shoulder). She is also going off track starting next Tuesday for three weeks, which is a huge blessing. She will only miss school today and tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Little Gardener

This last week we had a Garden themed teacher appreciation ice cream social at the church. Madi won a prize for her garden outfit. She is wearing a Strawberry Shortcake outfit that says "growing sweeter."

Monday, May 18, 2009

News on the offers

Sunday I posted news on two offers.  We heard today that our 2nd choice, the foreclosure, was put under contract with someone else.  We are sad, but know that the Lord is in control.  We still have our 3rd choice offer to hear back on.  We are also looking at another house tomorrow.   

Discovery Gateway

We were invited by another family at the church to go to a children's museum on Saturday. We had a great time and got good pics of the girls. This first one is of Madi and her Kindergarten friend, Katie working on a construction site.
Emma posing as a firefighter. They all had fun dressing up as different characters throughout the day.
Madi posing as a rodeo girl.
Emma's favorite time was spent on the plastic horse. She went to the market and bought food for her trip and also at one point had the hay on the back of the horse riding into the sunset (pretend of course). Robby, Katie's younger brother, is waiting for his turn.

Discovery Gateway (2)

Katie and Emma playing in the water.
Madi diving into the water.
The cutest mail person ever. Each area on this floor had a mail box. The letters could be dropped off at the main mail box and then delivered to were the letter was addressed to. Madi enjoyed delivering and picking up the mail.
There was a retired rescue helicopter and a rescue station out on the patio.  You can't see it, but all the boys were in the front of the helicopter "flying" it.  The boys loved pushing the helicopter sound, which was really loud.  As you can see, Emma is plugging her ears.  Now if you know my girls really well, you know that this is the wrong girl plugging her ears.  Madi is always plugging her ears when she hears a sudden or loud noise.  Could this be a turning point for her?  We will see on 4th of July; she has never watched a fireworks show.  She is always nestled on someones lap with her ears plugged and a blanket over her.  

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Two Offers

We were busy looking at houses all this week.  Our # 1 choice is in the process of becoming a short sale and has two offers already.  Our # 2 choice is a foreclosure (bank owned) that we put in an offer on Thursday.  We should hear something by midweek.  It is in the same neighborhood as the house that we were going to buy.  We also put in an offer on our #3 choice that is a short sale (owner still owns, but the bank will get the money)  that has had no offers since it has been on the market.   We put our 3rd choice offer in so we can get the potential long process of a short sale going if our 2nd choice doesn't go through.  I am anxious to get into our new house, but want it to be the house the Lord wants for us.  I am trying to be as patient, knowing that His plan is greater than my own.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Emma's Principal Pride Award

Chris, Madi, and I went to the girl's school today to have lunch in the library to honor Emma as she received a Principal Pride Award.  We got to eat in the library with all the other students that were awarded.
Emma listened to the Principal tell us about her honor.  She was honored for: "Has mad a lot of progress in making friends.  A good student and always on task."  She was nominated by her teacher, Mrs. Bryner.
Good job Emma.  She is adjusting great.  No more anxious mornings.  She now enjoys recess with her friends.  
Some of the students along with Emma posing for pictures after all were announced.  

Monday, May 11, 2009

Back on the hunt

As I wrote two Wednesdays ago, our Oregon house sold, but we are still looking for a house in Utah.  We had found one, but decided to back out of the contract do to a structural issue that was found during the inspection.  Our realtor was on vacation last week, but is back and took us house hunting today.  We looked at 9 or so and found one that we like.  We are still going to look at more tomorrow.  

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

A special Happy Mother's Day to my Mom and Mother -N-Law.  I wish we could be with you to give you big hugs.  Thank you for all you have done and do as mom's and Grandma's, especially striving to be a example of Christ in my girl's lives.  We love and miss you.

Happy Mother's Day to all of the other mom's that are reading this.  

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Look at that hair

I was so proud of myself. I actually had time to do fun things with the girls hair this morning. Madi wanted one braid like Emma's. Her bangs were too short to do it right so I decided to do two braids on the sides and connect them with the middle one; it turned out so cute. She loved it, which is a bonus.

Women's Luncheon

Today the girls and I went to the Women's Spring Luncheon at our church. I am on the Women's Ministry Team and had fun helping today. Although I am exhausted, it was nice to connect more with others from the Church. Emma and Madi helped at the Welcome table, although they got distracted and I had to redirect them back to the table several times.
Emma helping ladies at the Welcome table.
We had a potluck lunch, a devotional speaker, door prizes and a craft. Emma is making our craft (one per adult). She put on butterflies, ladybugs and flowers. They are "bird bath"s made out of flower pots. We are going to use ours for either a candy dish or bird seed feeder on the deck.
Kathy offered hers to Madi. They made it together. Thank you Kathy; Madi enjoyed her time with you.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sonrise Baptist Church

Chis took a picture of Sonrise for the church website he is currently working on. I thought you might like to see it.

Utah Plates

We got our Utah licence plates on Monday. The girls road their scooters around while Chris put them on. It is weird to see Utah licence plates on the cars.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mr. Bob is with the Lord

This morning we got an e-mail from our friend Stephanie that Madi's Children Church Teacher from River Road Baptist Church in Oregon, passed away.  We have not seen Mr. Bob since November 2008.  He and his wive, Mrs. Linda (who was her teacher as well) left to help with family health issues; while he was there he got sick.  They came home a few weeks after we left.  The girls sent him pictures as we told them that he was sick.  We have not yet told Emma that he has passed, since she was soon to be off to school.  After I got back from taking Emma to school, Chris and I sat down to tell Madi.  As I was holding her and Chris was telling her about Mr. Bob, whom she loved so much, her eyes welled up and tears trickled down her face.  As I sat holding her, with tears now in my eyes, we prayed, talked about Mr. Bob, and sat in silence.  As a Mom you want to take all the pain away, but I know that the Lord will give them strength.  I can trust that He will bring the girls through this time of sorrow.   Thank you for your prayers as we mourn for our friend and rejoice that he is with the Lord.  

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ladybug Tea

The girls and I were invited to a tea party from a lady at our church.  She (Kathy) went all out and we had a wonderful time getting to know other women and girls from the church.  We had a delicious tea lunch.  After we stuffed ourselves, we played TEAGO (BINGO) and made ladybug necklaces.  When we were leaving, Madi let Kathy know that "this was the best party ever."

Meanwhile Chris went to a BBQ at the chruch for the 3rd and 4th graders.  He also was given a desk that he picked up today.  It is being stored at another member's house until we buy a home.

 We no longer own a home.  Our Oregon home is sold.  Even though I knew we weren't going to live in it again, it is wierd to know that it is officially gone.