Monday, May 25, 2009

Update on leg and house

Emma is doing well.  She is being a trooper hanging out on the couch.  She does get frustrated at times, but has been enjoying lots of movies.  Thanks to Glen and Linda for lending us their wheelchair; it has been helpful to use as we have gone out a couple of times.  Emma is scared of her crutches, do to a fall she had the first day she used them.  At this time we are not using them, because she is not to put any pressure on her leg.  We don't want to risk it.  So with that said, we would be cooped up in the house without the wheelchair.  Thanks Glen and Linda.

Wednesday through Friday we were putting offers on a house.  Yes, the same day Emma broke her leg.  Friday we found out that they accepted and we are currently under contract.  I didn't think as much as I should have about the house during those three days... now I am processing this big decisions.  Prayers are much appreciated.  This house is way bigger then all the others we have looked at and in a beautiful neighborhood.  It is the same cost (in some cases cheaper) then the other houses we have been looking at.  Why, you ask?  Well, it needs lots of care.  The story is the renter was evicted.  He was angry so he decided to destroy some of the house and leave it a mess.  The major damage is in the basement, where he decided to cut out the electrical outlets and leave holes in the walls with no electricity.  Thinking of all that needs to be done is overwhelming to me.  It is also not as close as I want to be to the church.  On the other hand, I like the floorplan, it is in a beautiful neighborhood,  and we have people that have already offered to help. 

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