Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Missing My Girls

For the last 8 years and 9 months I have had at least one of my two children at home with me. Although for 6 or so of the years I worked part time at a school, I still had half of the school day home with them. Today marks the second day with both girls in full time school. Since I am a full time domestic engineer, I have been able to keep up on all my chores and even made bread yesterday. Chris asked me why I made the bread and I said, "just because I had time." We both smiled. As most of you know, my life has been extra busy lately and now that we have no deadlines, I can take my time in getting projects done in the house. I have longed for the day that I was able to get everything done and not be so stressed on time. Now that it is here, it is nice, but I would trade it in a heartbeat to have my baby girl back home with me for at least half the day. I think of my girls constantly throughout the day, praying they are safe, learning lots and having fun. I guess I do only have 2 1/2 weeks until I will have both of my precious girls back home for three weeks. I wonder how long it will take until I will wish they were back at school (smile).

Monday, July 27, 2009

First Day of School

As you can tell by Emma's face expressions, she was having a difficult time going to school, but did controll herself. She is starting 3rd grade.

Madi is so excited to start 1st grade. Madi wanted to start class today, but they had testing instead. So she got to visit with her teacher, pick her desk and explore her classroom.

Meeting Family at The Mayan

When we moved to Utah, we found out that Chris' cousin, Rozell lives north of us. When Grampy and Grammy came, we called her up and met her and her family for dinner at a Mexican restaurant called The Mayan. It was really neat inside and they had live entertainment. It felt like we were at a Disney World restaurant.
Chris and Rozell haven't seen each other for 14 years.
We were on the forth floor, watching the show.
Kelly and Emma

Meeting Family at The Mayan (2)

Mary and Donna
There were three shows while we were there.
All the kids.

Our waiter dropped our food on the way to our table, so he gave us free deserts. Emma and Kelly ordered Chocolate Eruption Cake. To our surprise it came with sparklers. It was neat and very tasty. The rest of us had fried cheesecake and fried ice cream.

Reading and Golfing With the In-Laws

If you are sitting down on the couch, Madi will come with a book for you to read. She loves books, but not as much as she loves her Grampy.

Chris and Grampy played Tiger Woods Golf on the Wii. The girls played as well; they are getting good.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Around The House With My In-Laws

Grampy and Grammy jumped in to help with our house. They worked down in the basement picking up dry wall.
Books, books, and more books! Grammy and Grampy went to the library with us; I'm sure Grammy was glad to take back Nemo (she read it a lot to the girls).

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hogle Zoo With My In-Laws

At the zoo we played in Discovery Land. This was our first time in this part of the zoo. We had a lot of fun; Grampy took us on the train ride.

The girls, Grampy, and myself went up in these holes with the prairie dogs running all around. Grampy didn't see the prairie dog right behind him, until we all were pointing to turn around.
Madi looking at a hissing cockroach from Madagascar.

Hogle Zoo With My In-Laws

Besides me falling down the stairs and skinning my knee, the bird show was a hit. We sat close enjoying the birds flying overhead.
Emma was a volunteer in a show near Discovery Land. She had to pretend she was different animals. She did great. After the show we got to touch an armadillo and turtle.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kennecott's Bingham Canyon Mine With My In-Laws

After Chris got off work, today, we went to the Copper Mine (which is only about 8 minutes from our house) to see the big hole. It is the largest man-made excavation on earth. It is three quarters of a mile deep and two and a half miles wide. This big hole is one of two man-made objects on the earth that can be seen by an astronaut from outer space. The other one is the Great Wall of China.
This huge truck is as big as a house. Chris took this picture from far away, with a bigger camera lens.
The girls are standing in front of a wheel that would go on the truck in the previous picture.
In the visitor center we saw a video about copper and saw neat rocks found in the mine. We also saw other historical things. This picture is of the girls looking at rocks under the microscope. Aren't they cute scientists?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Park City, Utah With My In-Laws

For our first road trip while my Father and Mother-n-law visited we went to Park City, Utah and went to Olympic Park where they held some of the Winter Olympics in 2002. Behind us is the bobsled/luge track.
We got to go to a museum about the Olympics and winter sports. One of the highlights for the girls was sitting in a real bobsled.

Watching an Australian skier practicing off the ski jump.

Park City, Utah With My In-Laws (2)

The skier landing in the pool.
We ate our lunch as we watched the skiers going down the ski jumps.

Grampy bought us a treat at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory while we walked around Historical Park City, Utah.

Minature Golf With The Church

We went miniature golfing with our church family on Saturday. It was hot, but still fun.

Minature Golf With The Church (2)

When we were done golfing, we came inside to cool down and fellowship. Emma got to hold Matthew (Pastor Troy and Lori's youngest son); he reached up and grabbed her nose... so cute!