Sunday, July 12, 2009

Antelope Island With My Family

We decided we wanted to see the Great Salt Lake up close, so we drove about an hour north of where we live and drove across the Great Salt Lake on a causeway to Antelope Island. We saw a quail, bison, a baby coyote, antelope, lizards, and Utah's state bird, the California Seagull. We also saw thousands of spiders and bugs. When we got close to the water, there was black sand by the water, wait, it wasn't black sand, it was millions of tiny flies. When Madi walked into the water, the "black sand" flew up. We also went to a ranch on the island that had horses, a donkey, chickens, and things to explore. While we were visiting the island, Emma and Madi did activities to earn their Junior Ranger Badges.

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