Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bee House

We thought we had a dog house in the backyard of our new house... we were wrong it was a bee house. Monday we had Caleb (a Youth from our church) come and help us with moving and I decided that it would be a good idea for him to start knocking down the dog house. He comes inside a few minutes later to let us know that there were at least 5 wasp nest in it. Chris went out to spray them down and got stung on the finger.
Tuesday evening, John (friend from the church) came over to work on installing our new air conditioner. Chris and John go out to were the bee house is and to make sure all the wasps are gone before they move it to put the condenser in its place. As I am watching from the sliding door, they pick it up and a swarm of bumble bees come out from underneath the bee house. I quickly shut the door and run to close the opened window with no screen. Meanwhile, Chris and Jon run around the house to the front door. Two bumble bees followed them all the way to the front and one stung John on the back of the neck. It took them three cans of Raid to get rid of the nest.
A huge blessing is that the window close to the bee hive was opened earlier, with no screen, and I closed it, because a fly flew in and was bugging Emma. If I hadn't closed that window, we would for sure had some come in the room where Emma was.

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