Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kennecott's Bingham Canyon Mine With My In-Laws

After Chris got off work, today, we went to the Copper Mine (which is only about 8 minutes from our house) to see the big hole. It is the largest man-made excavation on earth. It is three quarters of a mile deep and two and a half miles wide. This big hole is one of two man-made objects on the earth that can be seen by an astronaut from outer space. The other one is the Great Wall of China.
This huge truck is as big as a house. Chris took this picture from far away, with a bigger camera lens.
The girls are standing in front of a wheel that would go on the truck in the previous picture.
In the visitor center we saw a video about copper and saw neat rocks found in the mine. We also saw other historical things. This picture is of the girls looking at rocks under the microscope. Aren't they cute scientists?

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