Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

Eating treats, playing games and watching movies tonight.  Happy New Year!


This was on our house tonight. 

Trip Home

Since we had a very long first day on the way home, our second day was a short drive, so the girls and Chris played in the pool at the KOA in Indiana...

On our third day we drove by Notre Dame.  Beautiful Campus.

Driving over the Mississippi River
Our last night we stayed at a different friends of a friend.  We had goose eggs  and much more for breakfast.  We had another nice visit.  The home was set up like a bed and breafast. 


After we saw Niagara Falls we booked it to Cleveland to see our cousin-in-law, Brooks, who's playing for Tampa Bay Rays against the Cleveland Indians.  The next day we got to visit with him at Hard Rock Cafe.

The Hard Rock Cafe was in this beautiful mall.  Aparently they filmed part of Avengers around that area...

The Chocolate Bar...


Niagara Falls

On our way home we traveled another way so we could visit Niagara Falls.  It was amazing!

Walking through the park to the falls.

Our first sight of the falls...

Chris and Madi went up on the outlook bridge.  Emma and I were chickens....

Chris and Madi pointing to where they were.



On our last day of our visit, the dads and the youngest two girls stayed home and played.  The other four girls went to Boston.  


This tour bus is a boat too.  I would not like to drive into the water. 


I don't care for cupcakes, except these.  Yum!








The famous weather vane...






That is the way to do a tour. 

I had to add this picture.  Jen bought the girls matching t-shirts from the American Girl store.  It was sad to say good-bye to our friends.