Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Surprises

We had surprises this year as someone dropped off bags of presents on our front porch.  I am still in shock.  The girls got crafts galore, jackets, gloves, hats, dolls, and more.  Their pile of presents was grander then usual.  Chris and I stuck to stockings for each other, so we had fun opening extra presents this year, too!  Of course grandparents and brothers sent us presents and money for our Disney trip that we are saving up for. 


I love this picture as Madi threw up the tissue in excitement; she got drawing paper from Grandma and Grandpa. 

I found the new Tinker Bell movie for cheap on Black Friday.  As you can see by the excitement in their faces, they really wanted it.  We watched it that evenning. 


I got a GREAT Black Friday deal on this camera (including the memory card and case).  It is a 16 mega pixels (also shoots video) I got for around the same price that we bought her 3 mega pixel camera when she was 5 years old.

I got a GREAT Black Friday deal on this desk for Madi.  I am so thankful that we were able to get these items for such a great deal.  

Settlers of Catan

Madi, sporting her new shirt from Grammy and Grampy and her new hat, sweater, and gloves (Emma's gloves too) from our front porch surprise.

I cooked my first "traditional" holiday meal.  Never before at Easter, Thanksgiving, or Christmas.  We had ham, mashed potatoes, rolls and veggies.  The only meat I have cooked before was ground meat and chicken breast.  Our first time making mashed potatoes too.

Most of all we had a day full of blessing as we celebrated Jesus and why He came for us.  Merry Christmas!  

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HA I got Christina Settlers of Catan
For CHRISTmas.