Monday, December 31, 2012

Traveling To Connecticut, June 2012

We packed our Honda Civic for a 14 day trip across the country.  There was much planning to figure out how to do this as we needed to include bedding and a cooler.  
The night before I sat on a stool so exhausted making 30 + sandwiches for our four day travel to our dear friend's house in Connecticut.   Emma had to help direct me construct the sandwiches as I was a little absent minded by exhaustion. 
The next day we were headed to a little town in Nebraska.  We stayed at a wonderful couples house that we had never met, but were friends of a friend.  After the girls were tucked into bed Chris ran to the car to get something I forgot. He ran back in and insisted that I come outside.  That night all four of us had our first sighting of lightning bugs.  I never knew I was a long day's trip away from seeing them.  We saw many more on our trip.  Our hosts made a delicious breakfast in the morning.  We were excited, because we didn't need to eat sandwiches or cold scrambled eggs that we had packed. 
Our second day took us to Indiana.  We stayed at this cute cabin at a KOA.


Our next day ended at a KOA in Pennsylvania.  We got there early enough for the girls to swim.  That night we experienced a crazy thunder and lightning storm as all four of us woke up as rain pelted the metal roof.  There was no pauses between the thunder and lightning.  
On our last day of travel we arrived in the late afternoon at our destination in Connecticut   Never would have pictured so many trees in the states of Pennsylvania, New York and Connecticut.  It was a long drive, but so worth seeing parts of our country we have never seen before.  

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