Monday, December 31, 2012

New York City

While in Conneticut we traveled to New York City for a day.  It was a long, hot day, but we saw so many places.

On our way into Grand Central Station


Rode the Staton Island Fary to see the Statue of Liberty. 


When we got to Ground Zero there was a huge line and apparently you have to have tickets to get in, so we had to keep walking. The second picture shows a good picture of the grounds. 
I would say eating a Serendipity was my favorite part. The frozen hot chocolate was delicious. It was nice to get off our feet and enjoy a nice dinner and dessert with our friends. 
 My girls taking advantage of Mommy posing for the picture. 

While we were waiting for our reservation for Serendipity we went to this candy store, which was super fun as you can see.


I would say the girls favorite thing was going to the American Girl Store.
Madi standing in front of her doll's display.

Emma standing in front of her doll's display. 

Rockefelller Center

Time Square

Empire State Building

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