Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mr. Bob is with the Lord

This morning we got an e-mail from our friend Stephanie that Madi's Children Church Teacher from River Road Baptist Church in Oregon, passed away.  We have not seen Mr. Bob since November 2008.  He and his wive, Mrs. Linda (who was her teacher as well) left to help with family health issues; while he was there he got sick.  They came home a few weeks after we left.  The girls sent him pictures as we told them that he was sick.  We have not yet told Emma that he has passed, since she was soon to be off to school.  After I got back from taking Emma to school, Chris and I sat down to tell Madi.  As I was holding her and Chris was telling her about Mr. Bob, whom she loved so much, her eyes welled up and tears trickled down her face.  As I sat holding her, with tears now in my eyes, we prayed, talked about Mr. Bob, and sat in silence.  As a Mom you want to take all the pain away, but I know that the Lord will give them strength.  I can trust that He will bring the girls through this time of sorrow.   Thank you for your prayers as we mourn for our friend and rejoice that he is with the Lord.  

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