Thursday, May 21, 2009

Broken Leg

Yes, you read that correctly. Emma broke her leg in two places (on the big bone and small one) about 4 inches above her ankle. When you look at it you can see it bow out. What did she do you ask? She was racing her friend to her class line from recess and she ran into a boy that was walking. They both fell on blacktop.

We took her to urgent care this morning, who put this brace on, then sent us to an Orthopedic doctor this afternoon. The concern is the more severe break (on the bigger bone) is not aligned correctly (hence the bow leg). So she is going in at 7:30 AM tomorrow to have it set and put in a full cast (up to her thigh). They will be knocking her out to do so. She already picked out the hot pink cast. Please pray for the doctor to be able to put the bone back correctly and a peace for her as she has a long road ahead. She has had a long, scary day with all the unknown and it is continueing on tomorrow with the "surgery". She has been very anxious, and of course in pain. She also has been very clingy to Chris. She does not want him out of her sight. You are wondering why? He can carry her and she feels safe in his arms. Me on the other hand has a harder time helping her around and don't even mention our 15 steps up to our townhouse. Chris is working from home tomorrow and having the weekend with us, but then starting Tuesday, it is me only. Please pray for both Emma and I to both feel safe ( I have a bad shoulder). She is also going off track starting next Tuesday for three weeks, which is a huge blessing. She will only miss school today and tomorrow.

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