Sunday, May 17, 2009

Two Offers

We were busy looking at houses all this week.  Our # 1 choice is in the process of becoming a short sale and has two offers already.  Our # 2 choice is a foreclosure (bank owned) that we put in an offer on Thursday.  We should hear something by midweek.  It is in the same neighborhood as the house that we were going to buy.  We also put in an offer on our #3 choice that is a short sale (owner still owns, but the bank will get the money)  that has had no offers since it has been on the market.   We put our 3rd choice offer in so we can get the potential long process of a short sale going if our 2nd choice doesn't go through.  I am anxious to get into our new house, but want it to be the house the Lord wants for us.  I am trying to be as patient, knowing that His plan is greater than my own.

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