Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This morning I had a doctors appointment; I took Madi with me and Chris was leaving soon after us with Emma so she could lay on the couch in the lobby at church while he was working.  He carries her downstairs and out the front door and sets her down so she can lean on the post in our walkway (see entry on April 21, 2009 our home).  Within the 20 seconds it takes him to unlock and open the car door the sprinklers spring on scaring Emma so bad she jumps and screams touching her casted leg to the ground; she is not suppose to put any pressure on it.  Chris comes running to get her before her cast gets wet.  Chris then carefully carries her to the car while getting soaked trying not to get Emma's cast wet.  He has to put her in behind the drivers side because of how her leg sits in the car, which of course is on the side where the sprinklers are (see same entry on April 21, 2009).  By the time he got her safely in the car not getting her cast wet, his backside is soaked.  His pants where still wet when he got to work.  

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