Monday, June 1, 2009

Screen Door

This evening, Chris and Emma went to get our free redbox (with code) and Madi and I took a stroll to the mailbox and played at the playground.  The wind started to blow and the clouds were getting darker, so I decided to take Madi inside and open the sliding doors to get cool air inside our townhouse.   I first open Chris and my bedroom sliding door all the way and then the living room one.  Madi was reading me a story on the couch and the wind was whipping the curtain, so I decided to shut it mostly, leaving a crack.  I also pulled the curtain away from the screen so it wouldn't tear it.  After Madi finished her story, I thought I should do the same to our bedroom sliding door.  I pull back the curtain and to my surprise the screen door was off the tracks, bent, and trying to fly down to the ground.  The only thing holding it back was a lip of the building that hung down just enough to keep it from doing a flip off the balcony.  I tried to get it  back on; that didn't work.  I tried to get it inside; that didn't work, either.  So I stood there holding the screen door on both sides trying to not fly off the balcony with the screen door as my hang glider (there were gusts of wind, but nothing too bad).  As the thunder started to rumble( about 5 min. later), Chris and Emma arrived home.  Chris and I (mainly Chris) got the screen door back on.  Then it started pouring.  What good timing; I would've gotten wet holding that screen door, not to mention Emma's cast on her way in.  

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