Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Every Moment

Since we got possession of the house we have spent every moment we have at the house working. I have pictures to share, but of course the camera is at the house. Friday was our first full day at the house. Our Realtor and friend, Kenny, has volunteered his time and tools to help us paint and do projects that need to get done. I was trying to clean the thick slime off the door frames and floor boards while Chris was getting hardware off (when he wasn't at work) and Kenny was painting. I had my worse headache since we've been in Utah and was struggling to get my prep work done for Kenny to paint. I called Chris in the early afternoon with a "I need HELP" plea. He said he would be there soon. Not soon after I got off the phone, Steven, another friend from the church shows up ready to help (not to mention he is letting us borrow tools and supplies as well). Not soon after Chris gets there, Glenn, another friend from the church (girls call him Papa), shows up ready to help. What a huge blessing they were to us. God pressed open their hearts to come and help when I felt so overwhelmed. We got done what we needed to do that day getting a huge lead on the work.
Earlier that day I had gotten to work on the house around 7:15AM. That night I was able to sit down at 9:45PM. I was in so much pain from head to toe. I had my feet in a foot bath, heat pad on my hips/lower back, back massager on my upper back, and a ice pack on my neck. Let's just say I was a site to see. Since then, with Chris' prompting, I have slowed down and taken needed rest periods. And with help, the house is looking so much better.

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