Monday, May 18, 2009

Discovery Gateway (2)

Katie and Emma playing in the water.
Madi diving into the water.
The cutest mail person ever. Each area on this floor had a mail box. The letters could be dropped off at the main mail box and then delivered to were the letter was addressed to. Madi enjoyed delivering and picking up the mail.
There was a retired rescue helicopter and a rescue station out on the patio.  You can't see it, but all the boys were in the front of the helicopter "flying" it.  The boys loved pushing the helicopter sound, which was really loud.  As you can see, Emma is plugging her ears.  Now if you know my girls really well, you know that this is the wrong girl plugging her ears.  Madi is always plugging her ears when she hears a sudden or loud noise.  Could this be a turning point for her?  We will see on 4th of July; she has never watched a fireworks show.  She is always nestled on someones lap with her ears plugged and a blanket over her.  

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