Sunday, April 21, 2013

More Than An Award

This last Monday after Emma was visiting with a friend, she was excitedly walking beside me to the car and told me that she needed to tell me something in the car.  We all shut our doors and immediately Emma said that she was able to share her faith with her friend.  She said that her friend started to ask her some questions.  One of the questions she asked her was about baptism and what that means.  Emma told me what she said.  As I was driving, I smiled and told her great job, and gave her more ideas on what to share.  At the same time I had tears welling up.  Why?  Because part of what came out of her mouth was truths she memorized in AWANA.  She repeated it constantly in preparation for Bible Quiz.  She knew it so well, it automatically came out of her mouth.  Emma knew what it meant and how to explain it.  I am constantly reminding the girls reasons why we learn/memorize the Bible.  This is defiantly one of them.

I am so proud of Emma and Madi!  These awards they hold in their hands are representing verses memorized to shine their light for Jesus.  

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