Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day Camping

It has been years since we went camping.  We don't have the vehicle or the equipment to go.  We have stayed in a cabin when we went to Arches two summers ago, so that sort of counts.  Anyways a couple of weeks ago we were invited to go up to the mountains for a picnic.  We haven't been to the mountains except to go to Park City and Chris and I for our church retreats.  We thought a picnic in the mountains sounded like a great idea.  This place had sites that you could choose and even a Camp Host, but no overnight camping.  What a fun concept.  I think Oregon should have some similar places, especially for non campers that love smores.  We went on a hike, played horshoes, played on the playground, watched the roaring river, ate hot dogs and smores.  Then we were encouraged to leave when a storm started blowing in.  It started raining when we drove onto the road.  That was a close one.

The city is to the left of the picture.

Guess who?

Madi burnt her marshmallow; Chris rescued it and she loved every bite. 

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Lori said...

I don't think you really need a certain kind of vehicle to go camping. You can always borrow our gear if you'd like to do more than day camp in the future. ;-)