Monday, December 28, 2009

Museum of Ancient Life

Madi chose The Museum of Ancient Life for her birthday trip. We had a fun time exploring the museum and learning where they found certain fossils and reading on how many fossils they found for some of the dinosaurs to construct them. For the Supersaurus, they found a shoulder blade, pelvis, several dorsal vertebrae and some of the tail... boom you get a huge dinosaur with a tiny head and a super long tail. The girls learned how much the paleontologists have to theorize on what these awesome creatures looked like.
My favorite time was standing in front of a bunch of skeleton heads guessing what skull goes to what animal picture. After you guess, you lift the picture of the animal and see what skull it was. We all jumped in with guesses. Another fun game that Emma and I played was look at three different pictures of fossils, then put your hand in a cubbie to feel one of the three and guess which one it is. The best part of the whole trip was spending time together away from the business of life.

T Rex is one of the most complete dinosaurs in the amount of fossil parts found. They have found 40 almost complete skeletons.

The girls sporting their 3D glasses at the 6-story XanGo (TM) Mammoth Screen. During the Christmas Special the girls took their glasses on and off (about 30 minutes) and I screamed and ducked both times a snowball went flying towards me. Good thing we didn't see the dinosaur movie.

The dinosaur tail to the left is part of the Supersaurus I was talking about above. Where the man in black is standing, is the pelvis of the Supersaurus.

A huge fossil of a fish. That's my guess... I don't remember, but it's cool looking, isn't it?

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