Friday, January 1, 2010

Madi's New Thing

Before I tell you Madi's new favorite thing to do when we go outside, I want to say, "Happy New Year!" Okay, Madi's new thing is she kicks the icicles off our cars. When we are getting in the car, I look for where she is and sure enough, she is going around the car and kicking more icicles (or snow chunks) off the car. It's humorous to me that she gets a kick (joke attended) out of it. I never remember seeing icicles hanging off cars before I moved to Utah; it is rare to see a vehicle without them. Since we are talking about icicles, I wanted to include this picture of some of the icicles hanging off our gutter. Since we live in an ice box, we have icicles everywhere. Click on the picture to see them clearer.


Christy said...

when we first moved here I would gag every time I say a kid take an icicle of a car and eat it. Oh its so gross. Haven't seen that happen in a while.

かおり said...

I'm Kaori.Thanks you your latter.
A Happy new year.
It has not snowed yet in Tokyo.