Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sunday Mornings

I don't know if anyone can relate, but Sunday mornings can be crazy for us. I know the evil one would love to mess with anyone who is trying to go to church to grow their faith and fellowship with other believers. Usually we are running late, someone's grouchy, and/or can't find a shoe, etc.. The last two Sundays it has been more then that.

Two Sunday's ago, Chris left before the girls and I had gotten up, so the girls and I got ready for church and were actually leaving on time. We got in the car, buckled up, turned the car on, but couldn't get the brake off! Chris had thoughtfully defrosted my car before he left for church. When he turned the car on, he pulled the brake up more, because our car is known to roll down slanted driveways with the car in neutral. I tried many times, I even went on the passenger side so I could use my left hand (my dominant hand)... nothing. Emma thought she could do it, so I thought, sure why not... nothing.

I then went to two neighbor's houses, but no one answered their doors. We went back in the house, girls crying to the thought of not going to Sunday School. I called Chris to let him know what was going on. Called one more person to see if they could pick us up on the way to church (or fix our brake)... unfortunately they were sick. I called Chris back to let him know that I would possibly try our neighbors again later. He told me that Paul, a worship team member, said to lift the brake up and hit it with a book. I smiled, thinking how simple and funny that would be. Believe it or not, it worked! Instead of being late to Sunday School, I 'll just say we were early for church service. I now always have a book in the car and have already had to use it when I got my oil changed. Paul is brilliant!

Last Sunday, again, Chris left before we got up. As I was fixing Emma's hair that morning, the power went off. I quickly stopped doing Emma's hair and tried to fix mine before the flat iron cooled down, but that didn't work well. We hadn't eaten breakfast yet, which was a problem because we now couldn't make our oatmeal. I found crumbs of corn flakes for the girls (gave them peanut butter too). I had a glass of milk and peanut butter. Now running a few minutes late, with slightly done hair, we headed out the door. But couldn't find my keys! I went out to the car knowing that I had brought my keys last night and possibly left them in the car... Yep, there they were sitting in the cup holder.

I had brought my keys last night so Chris could use them since they are key less entry and his are not. He had already started the car with his keys, so I held mine in my hand. He drove into a pot hole which scared me. As I jumped, my keys went flying out of my hand, across Chris' face landing at his feet. He picked them up and we set them in the cup holder. And of course, I didn't pick them up and put them in my purse. So there they were sitting in the cup holder just staring at me....

I reluctantly went back in the house to inform the girls that the keys are indeed in the car. With tears in the girl's eyes, I called Chris to let him know. He said he would come and drop off the keys during Sunday School. Judy, a worship team member, heard of the situation and volunteered to run the keys to us. What a blessing; Chris is usually busy at church. We were able to finish our hair while we were waiting for the keys, for the power came back on. We did miss Sunday School, but were able to attend service and children's church. I am praying that this week is a smooth one.

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