Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Parade

Yes, I am still writing about our visit to Oregon. Every year the girls and I go to the Christmas Parade in Springfield, Oregon. Even though we live 15 hours away now, we still can say we haven't missed a year (Chris hasn't been to many, because he worked on Saturdays).

Debra took this picture right before the parade started.

Twin Rivers Baptist Church is the church my parents and Chris' Mom goes to. I attended there for 19 years (Chris 7yrs.). Another fact about Twin Rivers would be our Senior Pastor's Dad is currently the Senior Pastor.

This is part of Thurston High School's marching band (THS is where Chris and I attended high school). For those who know Kenzie, she is right below the McDonald's arch.

As you could see in the first picture, Madi doesn't like the loud sounds of some of the fire trucks and such, but she loves the horses.

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