Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Day Of School

After just getting back from visiting family and friends in Oregon we had one day to gear up for school.

Today Madi started 2nd grade. When I asked Madi what her favorite part of her day was, she said, "making a new friend."

Today Emma started 4th grade. She said her favorite part of today was playing BINGO in class.

Comming soon will be pictures from our trip to Arizona [for my grandpa's funneral] and trip to Oregon.


Christy said...

haha when I saw Madi's picture I thought she was doing the peace sign. Didn't realize it was for second grade until I saw Emma's. Cute idea wishin I would have done something cute like that. I remembered the first 3 1st days of school for Bri to take pictures but then I stopped. :( Wishing I would have kept up on it.

David Brackett said...

Emma and Madi look excited and ready to go! Hope they enjoy their new grades. They are growing up too fast! Tell them Grandpa enjoyed our daily trips to camp!

Dannika said...

They're so grown up and still adorable. Looks like they're excited for school to start again. Email me so I can get your email address to send you our blog if you're interested,