Monday, May 31, 2010

Spring Trip To The Zoo

All us girls (pictured below) went to the zoo last Thursday. We are both on C Track and both have zoo memberships that expire in June, so we decided to adventure to the zoo together. We had a wonderful time. Madi sincerely thanked God in her prayer at dinner time for Ms. Shannon buying us all kettle corn. It was cute.

Lydia, Madi, Shannon, Emma, and Moriah ready to eat lunch.

There were baby prairie dogs; they were so cute. I included the older prairie dog (front) so you could see the size difference.

Baby Zuri is about 9/10 months old. She is still cute as can be. This time visiting, she was trunk exploring in the grass. She explored passed the fence with her trunk while lying on the ground, laying on her legs (pictured above), and standing.

The rhinos, Princess and George, are usually behind a dugout that we can see the best through windows. Today they were both out in plan sight.

The Baboons were out to see, as well. They are so interesting.

This is the second time we've seen the wolves.

Thank you to my fellow blogger, Lori, for teaching me how to put more than four pictures on one post.


Shanna said...

I was wondering if you were only doing four pictures on purpose, or if you didn't know how to do more. lol I guess I should have asked! Anyway, glad you figured it out. Great pics too!

Mrs Sugar Plum said...

Thanks. I use Picasa which only allows 4 pics at a time. Didn't even think or notice that I could click on the little icon while writing my post and add more pics one at a time. At least now I know. It will be nice not to have multiple posts for one event.