Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Growing Garden

Memorial Day we, as a family, planted our garden. Chris planted pumpkins, sunflowers, and corn. Emma, Madi and I planted lettuce, carrots, and beans. We recently went to check to see if we had any plants. We did! The girls were so excited, I'm sure our neighbor could hear them screech with joy every time they discovered a new plant. This is our first time planting a garden. Even though I have planted many gardens with my dad, I still was nervous I wouldn't have anything grow. I have to warn you, Dad, my rows aren't as strait, but there are things growing (smile).


Christy said...

well if you get too much growing in your garden and want to share :) Our strawberries are starting to turn RED!!! We have eatin about 10 so far.

Anonymous said...

This garden has been a perfect example of being a Christian trying to share with our friends. You plant a lot of seed. Some germinates quickly some take longer. All require watering and tending, there are weeds to pull, etc. Some will yield fruits or vegetables some will be barren. Even though we do not see a 100% yield we continue to care for our garden.