Friday, January 7, 2011

Ms. Grace

Yesterday I got a phone call from a church family friend I have known since I was Emma's age.  She was coming to the area for a conference and wanted to see us.  She was able to spend the night last night as her conference didn't start until this afternoon.  I'm sure the girls would have had a hard time remembering her from the many people at the church we used to go to in Oregon since it's been almost 5 years since we have regularly attended there, but we saw her at the Scandinavian Festival last August when we were visiting Oregon.  She gave us samples of Italian shaved ice.  Yesterday, when I picked the girls up from school I told them we were off to pick-up Ms. Grace, the lady from the Scandinavian Festival, from the airport.  They knew right away who she was.  We had a fun evening.  She even helped the girls study for their spelling tests.  This afternoon when I picked up the girls, right away Madi asked where Ms. Grace was, even though she knew she was already at the conference.  I am thinking she was hopeful she was still with us.  
And yes Heidi, she gave the girls big hugs from you (smile).

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