Thursday, September 1, 2011


August 15th, Chris and I along with 14 other people headed to Yellowstone.  We took the Sonrise Youth.  We had a wonderful time and saw amazing sights!  This was our first time and we can't wait to take our girls someday.  It was hard to choose the pictures since we took so many.

We had just walked back to the parking lot and were ready to pile into the vehicles as one of our kids pointed to this bison.  I actually didn't look at first, because I thought he was joking since we just walked from there, but sure enough, there it was walking down the road.

There were many times that we were on high places or bridges.  Many of you know that I do not like neither.  This view was one of my bravest moments.  I was overwhelmed with standing over this rushing water fall.  I actually had tears from fear combined with awe of this powerful beauty.

We saw a lot of these animals.  I was just getting, maybe a little, comfortable camping with the wild animals until we saw a bison standing in the middle of the campground with people all around!  It looked like someone photo shopped it into a picture.  It wasn't near our camping area, but still, close enough.  Then minutes after seeing this we had to stop our car on the main road so a bison could walk right by to our car.  If it moved it's head toward our car it would have smashed the window.  Crazy!

There was loads of laughter playing games at camp, our group even played them in the car.  There was lots of driving.  Have you ever played Apples to Apples in the car?  I have.

On our longest travel around the park day, we stopped at this beautiful location for dinner.  I love this picture.

Have you ever had a roasted Starburst?  They are yummy!

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Anonymous said...

I love your pics. they are so beautiful. I hope you had fun . p.s my dad and my sisters had fun with you.