Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What's Up With Us

In August Emma and I had the opportunity to go to my parent's house for 5 weeks.  This was for me to rest due to my health while starting our journey in homeschooling with Emma.

We have been home for almost two weeks.  It took me a week to adjust, but I am glad to be home, although it was nice not to worry about all the household chores (thanks Mom!), although I have to say that Chris helps a lot as I can't physically do it on my own.  God blessed me with the most wonderful husband in the world!   
Emma is doing well in school.  Today we had a competition in health to help study for her quiz coming up.  She was proud to beat her dad.  She will be 11 years old in two days!  Crazy!

Madi is doing well in school.  She was a trooper spending many extra hours at the church while Chris had to be there for different events.  She is so glad to have her best friend and sister home to play with.


Anonymous said...

I loved seeing you and Emma.

Anonymous said...

Having you both here was a wonderful blessing. Emma has grown so much and is a joy to be around. I enjoyed all my time with her and canning peaches with her was great. I am looking forward to seeing ALL of you soon.

Love you all,