Thursday, May 10, 2012

10 Days of Juicing

I did it!  I did not chew any food for 10 days!  It has been time consuming and difficult.  A lot of talks with my Heavenly Father who I know is in control.  Day 9 and 10 my headache went way down!  I had two nice days and I am thankful.  Another huge blessing is that my energy is at a more functional state.  I had other changes like clearer skin, joints not as achy, pulled pectoral muscle is barely hurting anymore, and my favorite....five pounds lost.
This morning I enjoyed eating watermelon and cantaloupe.  My snack was the best as I sank my teeth into strawberries and bananas.  Yummo!  I am still juicing my vegetables as that is the only way you are going to get them into my body (other then Juice Plus of course).  Tomorrow I add nuts and seeds.  Almond butter here I come!


Shanna said...

That is incredible, Holly! You are amazing.


Mrs. Sugar Plum... said...

Thank you Shanna. I appreciate your encouragement!