Friday, February 19, 2010

Swimming Lessons

One great thing about having year round school is that during your breaks, the local rec. center has all kinds of classes, just for the track that is off. The girls started swim lessons on Wednesday and will have five lessons throughout their three week break. It's nice not having to try to squeeze in swim lessons during our busy school schedule or during summer. The girls lucked out to be in a class together with only three total students. They both did so well.

Josie, the instructor giving instructions to the class.

Emma coming up for a breath as she is swimming by herself. This is the first time I have seen her actually swimming by herself.

Madi working hard at her swimming technique.


Christy said...

how fun. brian was so afraid of water until I got him swim lessons. maybe afraid is an understatement, terrified is better. but now even though he doesn't like to swim a whole lot he will. really has done a lot of good for him to have them.

Anonymous said...

I like swimming!
Hannah morse