Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentine's Day

We had a fun and relaxing Valentine's Day. I have to start with my husband.... He had a dozen roses (second time I have received a bouquet of flowers from him) and a box of chocolate sent to our house on Saturday AND took the girls and I out to Chili's for lunch (my favorite restaurant) after church on Sunday.

When we got home from lunch we made heart sugar cookies. While I was baking them, we got phone calls from my brother & family and my parents. My niece (2yrs.) is used to seeing us on the web cam, but since Chris' computer is still at the shop, she had to settle for just talking, although she still tried to show me her Valentine's outfit. She even recognized every one's voice perfectly as we took turns talking on speaker phone.
Decorating the cookies was definitely a highlight of the day, but I am safe to say eating them came in 1st place. What a treat to have all of us making yummy cookies.
After we finished making the sugar cookies, we watched the Olympics and ate Chris' favorite meal by candle light. Madi did not want the lights off, but after I explained to her that you can't have a candle lit dinner with all the lights on, she tolerated it. As soon as I blew the candle out, she went and turned on all the lights.


Christy said...

what a wonderful day. In the begining of our marrage I told Jer I thought Valentines Day was a silly holiday and not to worry about celebrating it. Over the years we have slowly started to do fun little things but not much. I am starting to like celebrating it though. I used to make Jer candle light dinners. I haven't done that in years. Maybe I should start that back up.

Anonymous said...

yummy I love cookies.:)
LOVE Hannah