Friday, May 6, 2011

Easter Activities

The day before Easter our church had a free Easter Egg Hunt.  This is our third time helping with this event.  This year we had over 100 kids hunting 2,000 eggs...

This picture shows an idea of how many people there were.  You can't see everyone, but there's a lot.

After we met we split into age groups.  I am in the same spot as last year, but this year I had 4-6th grade.

Emma hunting.

Madi hunting.  Madi, look to the right!

We invited three families to our Easter Egg Hunt.  We had two out of the three families come.  This picture shows Emma with a few of them.  This is a great outreach time as we have an Easter message, the eggs, along with candy, have verses inside and a time of fellowship.

After the egg hunt we went over to our neighbor's house to color eggs and eat dinner.  We had a great time...

The last time we colored eggs was in Oregon.  So it's been at least four Easter's ago.  That would put Madi at 4 yrs.or younger.  That explains why she didn't remember coloring eggs.  She had a great time!

Before I end this post, I have to say that I went to my first Good Friday Service.  It was a good remembering time.  Sunday we had a Sunrise Service.  Emma and I were in the nursery.  After breakfast and Sunday School we had our Easter Service.  It was a long morning, but a good morning.  After service we had a great time of fellowship with our friends.  We went to Ms. Joyce's house...

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