Thursday, May 5, 2011


We all have done something absentminded before.  Some of us more often then others.  I have two stories to tell.  The second one is more hilarious, but I told Chris I would combine it with my absentminded act that happened a few days after his.

My brother and niece were coming for a visit.  I was cleaning the house in preparation and grabed the Windex to clean the mirrors.  I start to spray and then notice it didn't look like Windex; it was Oxi Clean Stain Remover.  Oops!  I  quickly wiped it off and ran and got the Windex.

A few days before that, Chris and the girls were soon to leave for school/work.  The girls got ready before Chris and they ran out the door and got into the car in the garage.  Chris takes whatever car is in the garage because he usually leaves first and that way he doesn't have to deal with snow or ice.  Soon after the girls left to get into the car, Chris headed out the door.  I heard the garage door go down, then up then down again.  I wondered what happened.  Later, I heard the story.  Chris walked out the door, past the car with the girls inside and got into the car in the driveway, then he drove away.  He made it around the curve of our street, noticed that no other humans were inside the car and turned around.  Meanwhile, the girls wondered what he was doing.  Emma got out of the car and opened the garage door.  Chris soon was in the driveway and got into the correct car and drove the girls to school.  Oops!

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