Sunday, December 18, 2011

South Utah

This spring we had the opportunity to go to the Saint George area for an extended weekend.  We were able to stay at one of our church family member's vacation home.  We had a great time, although it started with a delicious ice cream stop about an hour south of Salt Lake City, it wasn't until four hours later when we stopped for dinner I discovered that I left my purse at the ice cream shop.  Let's just say that I wasn't able to relax as well as planned, but had numerous conversations with staff that my purse was safe until our trip back.  Had a couple of other minor things happen, ending with a call from Dad informing us that Mom had fallen.  Despite all that, we had a great time...

These next 11 pictures are taken at Zions National Park.  The weather was beautiful, so we were able to enjoy some hikes.  Emma was my go getter on the hikes.  She was bold and usually walked ahead of us.  Those that know Emma, know that she is my more cautious child, but apparently not in Zions. 

I cherish these family times where we are enjoying God's creation and having a restful time...

As I started to walk through this mud behind the waterfalls, I decided I should take a picture.  My shoes got worse and still to this day have red stain on them.  It was fun to look at other people's feet to see who walked the whole trail and who turned around at the mud.

These are Madi's shoes near the end of the red mud, although you can't see it, she had mud up her pants as well.

Mule dear we saw on a trail.

We enjoyed playing family games and eating treats.  We even splurged and bought Stewart's Soda (sitting on the table).

The next 5 pictures were taken in St. George...

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