Sunday, January 15, 2012

Basement Before And After Pictures

Here are some basement pictures...

stairs before:
If you click on this picture you can see Madi's head peeking out of the space under the stairs which is now the closet in the office.

stairs after:

office before:

We knocked this wall out to extend the room and used the space under the stairs for the closet.

office after:

playroom before:

wall by the closet

playroom after:

guest bedroom before:

guest bedroom after:

bathroom before:

bathroom after:

family room before:

family room after:
The before picture of the family room is the wall/window to the left.  Also the door is just sitting next to the doorway as we have not put it on yet.


Shanna said...

I loved seeing all your pictures, Holly. You guys have done so much work! And all the colors you chose are so nice.

I had a question, though. Why did the people before you rip out all the wiring? Were they mad at having to move or something? That's so terrible!


Mrs. Sugar Plum... said...

Thanks Shanna, I will e-mail you.