Friday, August 28, 2009

Chris is doing well

This picture was taken after Chris visited the doctor yesterday. He put a better splint on, then I did, although the nurse told Chris that I splinted it well. I cut an emery board, taped it, taped the board to his thumb, then wrapped it with a bandage to cover it up. So if you ever break a finger use a big emery board to brace it.
This picture (taken last night) doesn't show how bad his thumb really is, but you get the picture. The swelling is way down. Chris broke it between the two joints.
Chris a few hours after we got home from the hospital. Just to note, the mattress behind him is our fancy dancy sliding door curtain, for now.
The surgery went well. We were at the hospital about 4 hours total. Chris is doing well, no pain yet; his thumb is still numb. They reset it and put three pins in, not having to cut him open. He has a post op on Monday. Thank you for all your continued prayers.

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