Thursday, August 20, 2009

Zoo Trip With The Edwards

Yesterday the girls and I went to the zoo with Michelle, Olivia and Brooklyn. We had so much fun. We ate lunch by the zebras.
Every time we go to the zoo we attend the bird show and every time they ask questions at the beginning of the bird show, the girls always raise their hands wanting to be picked. Well, this time, Emma was chosen and she answered the question correctly (she has memorized them, since she has heard the questions five times since June). She got a free ticket for the train ride; she was so excited.

My favorite part of the zoo this time was watching the Mom market nursing six babies (born July 4th). The first picture was when we first starting watching her, then after a few minutes the babies moved around so much that the mom slowly started to fall forward. Finally she got up and moved to the rock in front of her; two babies followed her and started nursing again.

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