Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our Trip to Arches National Park near Moab, Utah

Balanced Rock was our first hike. It was only .3 miles around... but the girls favorite hike. Throughout the trip the girls were looking for other balancing rocks, but none they found compared to the Balanced Rock.
The most popular arch is Delicate Arch (on the Utah licence plate). It is a 3 mile strenuous hike up to it, so we opted for the half mile Upper Viewpoint of Delicate Arch. We had the bigger lens on the camera for this one. The arch is about a mile away from this view point.
Another picture of Delicate Arch from the viewpoint.
La Sal Mountains Viewpoint


Nicole D said...

Beautiful pictures! Chris and I missed Arches on our swing through the national parks of Utah and Arizona. It looks like a great place to visit. Fun to see these - thanks for sharing!

Jenifer Devereux said...

This looks so cool! Would LOVE to see this with you guys sometime! I feel like such an idiot; I've been reading your blog all this time & wishing I could respond to what you're saying, and just now noticed -duh!- I can! LOL