Sunday, April 10, 2011


Last Saturday night, the night before my brother and niece were coming, Chris and I went to bed after watching two episodes of 24*.  We were going to watch just one, but decided to stay up and watch another.  Not two minutes after we laid down to go to bed we heard an explosion and both of us flew out of bed and went running.  I went running into the girls room to protect them form any further explosions since a bomb just exploded in our garage/kitchen.  Chris ran straight to the water heater.  Apparently I have been watching way too many episodes of 24 and Chris apparently knows exactly what a water heater pipe bursting sounds like.  Thankfully he got down stairs to the water heater within a few seconds so there wasn't too much water.  And a huge blessing that he was home and heard it right away so we didn't have any water damage.  We (including our company) had two days without hot water.

* 24 is a a suspenseful TV show that deals with terrorists attacking the United States.

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