Monday, April 11, 2011

Snow Day

As I mentioned yesterday, my brother, Darryl and my niece, Alice came to visit for a week.  We were so excited to spend some time with them.  We were sad that Auntie Anne had to work.
 It had snowed on Sunday and hung around enough for the girls to play in on Monday.  There were snowball fights, snow angel making, sledding and snowman making.  Chris and Darryl joined in as well.

Madi, Alice, and Emma

Madi was excited to see the apricot tree had blossoms on it.  She told me several times about it.

Since the snow was melting quickly by the time the girls got home and Alice got up from her nap, we decided to stay home and sled down our slope in the front yard (north facing so had more snow then the back yard).

The three girls and the snowman.

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